prompt: what was the most memorable gift you’ve ever received?

like most smart and socially awkward children, i was really into books and reading. for as long as i can remember, that’s been one of my favorite activities and a giant comfort in my life. i lived with my greatgrandparents as a young child and although papa had, at most, an 8th grade education, he taught me how to read as soon as he could, believing that if i knew that i was set. he wasn’t wrong.

i think it might have been the year i was in eighth grade. amazon was a really new thing. i was into greek mythology and astrology and all sorts of business. every present under my parent’s tree that year was fairly flat and professionally wrapped – and on christmas morning, i was an extraordinarily happy adolescent, surrounded by probably 15 hardcover (hardcover!) books on everything i was into at the team. there was a dream interpretation dictionary in there, i remember. but christmas was all books. and i loved it.

i’ve had memorable gifts through the years. some tiffany & co jewelry, a new laptop. this year, a bridge camera and a kindle fire (! to both).  but something about my parents supporting my interests, however esoteric and ridiculous they may have seemed, was pretty amazing.