prompt: what do you wish you had done more of in 2011?

laughing. i wish i had done more laughing. today i let myself laugh wholeheartedly at very silly things and it was wonderful.

letting it go. i hold on really tightly to things that would probably be insignificant to you but for whatever reason, are very very important to me. i wish i had relaxed a bit and let go of just a little of my crazy this way.

reading. i love reading. i love it so hard, and i forget to do it all the time. yesterday i let myself stay in bed with 1Q84 for about 4 hours and it was glorious. i did this a few weeks ago with the magicians and the magician king – with equally glorious results. i loved/am loving all of the books named, so take them as recommendations too.

decorating. i have a long and storied history of envying people’s decorations, their things, the things that speak to them and of them, and i have a very hard time choosing any for myself. for the first time in my life i have a large enough space that will be mine for a permanent enough time that i should put some effort into making it so, and i’m frozen. paint chip displays drive me away in minutes, and i have browsed the internet for hours for various forms of wall art. hours. and i can’t choose – i can’t choose accent furniture, i can’t choose a paint color, i can’t choose decoration. i wish i had been able to do this.

and there you go.  what about you?