i decided to take on a prompt today that i’m not necessarily comfortable with.

i have a loud laugh. it makes people stare. it’s been described as bursting forth.

i can’t remember the last time i had an intense laughing fit. i can tell you about some times that have made me laugh this year.

i laugh with the bouncer all of the time. we amuse each other in a very original way and i’m grateful for the humor wavelength that we share. i laughed with him the other day as i revealed something a little insane i did out of stress. we laughed as i had to undo all of the christmas lights because i strung them all together and you’re not supposed to do that. i laughed as i was trying to convince him that we needed 300 lights per foot of christmas tree. we laugh at the antics of the dog – dogs are really very funny, if you watch them for any period of time. we laugh with each other constantly, and it’s wonderful.

i laugh at work. i am extraordinarily blessed with a variety of nice, sweet, and funny coworkers. i laughed when one told me recently, in jest, “oh, i didn’t date, i just invited everyone into my bed.” i laugh when my boss makes fun of me for my klout obsession and sends me the xtranormal video about it. we laugh about his preoccupation with kitties.

i laugh at my friends on the twitters almost every day. y’all are a funny bunch.

i laugh with my parents. they raised me with a very particular, sarcastic sense of humor that’s a little offbeat, and i think it’s something only we three (i’m an only child) truly understand.

i’ve got a kicking headache tonight but i didn’t want to lose to reverb momentum. i’m enjoying getting to know all of you a bit more SO very much.