today i’m getting my prompt from weverb. you can find a running list of people who are posting prompts over at geekinhard.

prompt: what lesson did you learn in 2011 from the school of life?

i learned an astonishing amount this year. none of it came from a classroom. (next year, it will) i’m going to take a listy format for this one…so i’ve learned that:

work can be fun – there are truly supportive and amazing work environements that will foster growth and positivity.

relationships are hard work. there are no absolutes. everything is a choice.

i can believe in my own future. there are no bars in front of me, i am not trapped. i can take steps to more, just like anyone else.

i am not less than. i am enough. i am more than enough.

i am deserving of close relationships and they will come back into my life. i am evolving, always. i am not a block of ice.

i have dreams. i should cultivate them.

i have passions. i should find and follow them.

i have talent. i should use it.

i have not lost myself. that is probably the most important thing that sunk in.

what have you learned? feel free to link me to your own posts in the comments, for this prompt or any others. i am so loving the reverb community – i came in late last year and didn’t get as integrated as i liked. this year, i’m diving in.