i came into reverb a little late last year, and i’m not sure i did the “one word” post. i can’t find it, so i’ll presume i didn’t. i don’t really want to think about what my 2010 word would have been – it wouldn’t have been very positive.

this year, man, this year. my word for this year, 2011, is possible.

i had to do some reflecting on this year for the stratejoy council i’m participating in, and i mentioned last night to the bouncer that i don’t even remember the months before march, when i started looking for a new job. i can imagine it was the same in and out of going to my old, hated job every day, and well, hating most every day and feeling so very trapped. but i don’t remember it.

i do remember the intense waves of glitter sparkle possibility that started washing over me when i realized that i could do something else. that i could maybe be happy every day, that misery doesn’t have to be a function of work.

i remember them coming as i realized that i didn’t have to be a sad, mourning mess anymore. that i could begin to heal and close those wounds. that i could even change what they’ve done to me. that i have a choice.

i remember them when it began to dawn on me that i have someone who is willing to try with me. every single day.

this was a year of amazing possibility. i don’t know for sure that everything it’s applied to will pan out forever – but when do we ever know such things? i am so grateful for every drop of possibility that touched my life this year – and there have been many.

i wrote an entry earlier this year about what this feels like for me, which is a whole lot more poetic than this post.

in projecting a word that i might choose for 2012, i’ll go with forward. i really want to take all of these little dewdrops of possible that have collected all over my world and do something. i’ve done my dance through them and it’s time i gather them all up and skip further along. specific action items? sure. decorate my house. maybe even paint. enroll in a web development certificate program. attend professional development things. journal. revamp my relationship.

yay guys, reverb is back!!