i’m sad at how i lagged off at the end here. it was a lovely exercise, and has helped me quite a bit. here’s the last of the photos i’ve taken.

the rest – a mish mash.

this is my cactus on my desk at work. i have really kind, lovely coworkers. there was a cactus of this variety left for me by my predecessor. i, not knowing the intricacies of cactus care, overwatered it and it died a blithering death. one of my department colleagues got me a brand new one and is helping me care for it.

last week, the bouncer and i had to take a trip to an urgent care center – he’s got some recurring stomach problems that may or may not be gall stones. it was a long, boring as hell day. on our way home, we stopped for sushi and ducked into a pet store, where i saw this precious fellow. if you follow me on twitter you’ve probably seen my constant griping about his dog, and the truth is, i’m not much of an animal person, but i do love kitties. this one grabbed at my heart.

i took the wrong train home from work a few days ago. i was in the midst of a very intense game of collapse on my phone, and when it felt like the right time to be getting off the train, i looked out the window into completely unfamiliar territory (i am only thankful that the train was above ground). i got off at the next stop and found a bus to take home. have i mentioned i had a blazing migraine the whole time? anyway, there’s a street near me named church ave., after this church. i’d noticed it way down the block previously, but i found it on my walk home from this extra-trying commute.


my friend the actress and i got together tonight for a long overdue catchup. i don’t get to see her often – she is quite busy being an actress. while sitting in the park i kept noticing angles for new photos, and snapped this one. i think i’m so fond of photographing the building tops against the sky because it’s something i so rarely notice. honestly, between juggling the various lists and thoughts and bouncy balls in my brain, it’s rare that i ever intensely notice my surroundings. but yes, there are building tops and skies – who knew?!

this past weekend was hurricane irene. i did not prepare wisely. i went to target fully intending to purchase batteries, flashlights, candles. i walked away with $100 worth of new kitchen gear, including that very pretty measuring cup below (glass! 4 cup capacity!). also, doesn’t everyone need a microplane? i don’t know about you, but i zest lemons on a frequent basis. ALSO i found the neatest garlic chopper rolly mechanism. it is inevitable that it’s blades will one day gouge me deeply, but it is so neat! anyhow, after my target trip i had an intense grocery shopping experience. i decided i’d make beef stew and popovers – my mom always made that as a winter treat for my family, and i figured it’d be nice with the gray and rain and wind. i was right. i was particularly impressed by the shininess of this onion…

mm, the pie. i’ve been talking about this pie on the twitters for a week and a half. a peach blueberry pie with a homemade crust. you really need to go click that link and bookmark that recipe. i had no idea such deliciousness could come from my cabinets and my hands. this pie was a work of culinary genius and art. absolutely delicious. yes, that is a heart that i cut into the crust.

i’d like to thank everyone that followed along on these august break posts – i’ve gained some new blog/twitosphere friends from it. it was an awesome exercise – i might even be inspired to start a project 365. thanks to kim samsin over at the deep old desk for introducing me to this idea. i am so grateful 🙂