i’ve been remiss in my august break posting for a few days. i’m sad about this because i have been super enjoying showing my four readers my world, and it’s been an awesome exercise in my own creativity and inspiration. so let’s get back on track, shall we?

days 21 and 22 – weekend cookery.

every saturday, i like to try to make my way up to the greenmarket. it’s only a short bus ride away, and so worth it to get beautiful, farm fresh veggies and fruits. i’ve been trying to stay away from sugar, but when i saw some big giant delicious peaches, i decided to make a cobbler. here’s the tasty peach mixture after baking and before topping with biscuity cobbler-ness.


the bouncer and i consumed almost the entire 13×9 dish in a day. nothing says summer like hands covered in stickysweet peach juice – delicious.

i took the day off from work on friday and didn’t do much, but i did consume a lot of food network. i got the idea to make these rosemary potato chips. i lack a mandoline, so i handcut these bitches. i also lack a deep fryer, so i did them in batches in my deepest pan. much work, as most “things frying in batches” tend to be, but very delicious.

almost nothing makes me happier than preparing food for people i love. it is complete zen happiness time for me, and i’m so happy i got to indulge in it this past weekend. the rest of my weekend was extraordinarily lazy, but this was so very satisfying.