Today I’ve got Erikka of The Extraordinary Eir as a guest poster, about her favorite summer memory:
Date: Thursday, June 16, 2011
Setting: Back field of property, picnic for two, watching sunset and full moon rise
On stage: Me and my man

ME: That was such a nice picnic Jason. You’re so good to me.
MY MAN: Why am I so good to you?
ME: Because you make me mac n’ cheese with hot dogs…and surprise me with picnics…and because you’re nice to me.

MY MAN gets up to go behind the tent for a minute, reappears with a big bouquet.

MY MAN, bit awkward robotic like*: Here are some flowers from the yard, to celebrate your first year of school being done.
ME: Oooo. Thank you! They are so beautiful! Here (shoves camera at him) Take my picture with them, please?

Snaps a few shots.

MY MAN, sits back down beside me, awkwardly*.

MY MAN, in a canned staged question voice*: Our first year in our new place, you and your new job, and we made it. What do you think so far?
ME: I really like it here, MY MAN. I am so glad we moved here. What do you think?
MY MAN: Me too.
ME, trying to get a little more from this suddenly weird and awkward convo*: Do you miss Boston?
MY MAN: Not at all.

Time passes and we watch as the sun sets and the full moon begins to rise.

MY MAN, fumbling in his back pack beside his chair: I have one more thing for you.

He proffers a small, wood bowl.

MY MAN: I made this for you…
ME, interrupting: Oh wow! You made me a bowl!
MY MAN: Now I wrote down this story of making it, so I need you to listen and not interrupt me…
ME: I’ve always wanted you to make me a bowl, like you did for your other girlfriend, eron.”
MY MAN: and just listen ok?
ME: What? Right, ok!

MY MAN takes out a small piece of paper and begins to read of how this bowl was made by him, and how It represents our love and relationship.

ME, interrupting or interjecting as I like to call it: Oh, babe! Is this like our own version of a commitment ceremony?! You really WERE serious on Saturday and thought this all up?

HE continues, and I am getting more and more impressed with the thought he put into all this when he finishes with:
MY MAN: The bowl is empty so we can fill it with our love. May I have it for a second?

I hand him the bowl. He gives it back and it has my mother’s pearl ring in it.

MY MAN: Erikka, will you marry me?

ME: High pitched laughter, saying in spurts: OH MY GOD! YOU’RE ASKING ME TO MARRY YOU!?!?!

Finally I calm down and ask him to ask me again.

MY MAN: Erikka, will you marry me.

ME: YES! Of course!

As the camera pans out, me and my man kiss to seal the deal. Fireflies, by the hundreds in this back country field, blink on and off as the crickets chirp and the moon glows.