day 15 – where i do this.

to do my blogging/general internetting, i like to sit on the couch in our bedroom.  this is my view.  let me give you a tour.

weird lump on the left edge of the photo: some of a too large pile of clothes in top of some boxes.  whoops.
my dresser top: all my special things.  it’ll get its own post sometime.
painting above my dresser: given to me by the actress. has a quote – “she learned to cup possibility in her hands”. means very much to me.
beloved wire wall hanging: highlighted in my first august break post.
what looks like a piece of glass behind the headboard: is exactly that. the bouncer is obsessed with this piece of glass from the coffee table in his old apartment. he thinks it’s a great piece of glass and that it would be a terrible waste to throw it out. we have literally nothing to do with it.  *sigh*
my bed: is barely made because i hate/hardly believe in making beds. you are just going to mess it up again in 12-15 hours. but it does have an amazing way of making a semi-messy room seem a lot neater, and the bouncer very much enjoys climbing into a made bed, so i at least try to do it on the weekends.