gather inspiration wherever you go.

i’m standing in line in midtown, it’s a busy chain.  the line wraps around the perimeter of the store, every day.  the girl behind me, she talks so forcefully about what she does and doesn’t like, what she does and doesn’t do, who she IS.  they want you to know who you are in this city, everybody is supposed to think they are some kind of star.  you’re not allowed to be average here, except almost everyone is anyway.  it’s a farce, mostly – a city full of great falsity.

most days, no matter what i am supposed to do, i’d rather come home and put on pajama pants.  you’re not supposed to want that here.  you’re supposed to want high glitz, fashion, drama, glamour.  you’re supposed to want to be out there, and me, i like to stay in.

i don’t fit in here.

then again, i don’t know of a place that i do.