i owe so many people thanks.

i owe friends that came out of the woodwork, people i never would have expected to give a shit if giant metaphorical rocks fell on my head – but they did.

i owe people for telling me i was not wrong, not crazy.  that i was doing something right in this place.

i owe people for spreading the word about me, and helping me find a life i will be thrilled with.

i owe twitter friends for dms and @ replies full of support.

i owe my mother, for not judging me, not reprimanding me, and for being positive and confident for me.

i owe the man i love for listening to my fears for hours, for sushi, for being right there after the avalanche, for helping me carry the pieces home and for holding my hand through it all.

i owe my old boss, who has become a friend and advisor, for help and guidance and more confidence.

i was the recipient of more love and support than i ever would have imagined.  something i expected to leave me alone and isolated has drawn me closer to more incredible, giving people than i can even count.  even if you never see this, and some of them won’t, please know that i don’t know how to thank you properly, that thinking of what you’ve done for me makes me cry, the good kind, and that i am so grateful for you.