i had three hundred and fifty something facebook friends.
i promise you, i don’t actually care about three hundred and fifty something people.
it’s possible i care about three hundred and fifty websites or something.
but not people.

i found myself doing stupid things in idle time – or in time that should’ve been productive, but turned idle. i’d laugh at the girl that was mean to me in high school and has gotten fat. that’s mean – i don’t really want to do that. (if it’s any consolation, she is married and i am not). i’d look at pictures of people whose lives seem better than mine – they are fancy and go on vacations and are skinnier. that was pretty much an envious waste of time. i’d fulfill voyeuristic urges just poking around the life of someone i met once. pointless. it’s just so easy to get lost in the digital lives of other people.

i’ve had the idea flitting around my head to trim down the list for a while. two nights ago, i just started doing it. it’s kind of like debating about cutting your hair, then just grabbing the scissors at 11 pm one night and hacking away in the mirror.

i am proud to say i am now down to two eighty, with more cuts on the way. it’s honestly incredibly freeing. i didn’t expect it to mean one thing or another – i just kind of expected it to be a chore. but the knowledge that i won’t have the temptation to avoid my life by poking around in someone else’s is awesome. it’s awesome to know i just don’t have to have my mind cluttered with information i don’t want or need about people i don’t at all care about. whenever i want a break, i say, “ok, i’ll go defriend five people” and i get super excited about it. if that sounds absurd and cold, *shrug*.

i’m loving it.