inspired by a tweet of mine the other morning.
a monday morning off of work, at that, which is the best kind of morning there is.

i don’t think i’m all that unpretty first thing in the morning.

i know i’m supposed to. but i don’t do a lot of shit i’m supposed to do, so, this is not really very different.

if any eye makeup is left, it’s smudged a little and look, i find slightly destroyed party girl a little sexy. i like to imagine those waking up with me do as well.

or else my eye makeup has disappeared into the magic heaven it goes to while you sleep (which may or may not be named “pillow”). and i’m rather fresh faced. and if i’m looking in a mirror, chances are i’ve slept enough, and my face is pretty clear and free of any odd splotches or darkness.

the best part though – the best part is my hair. i have wild girl hair – i have since the age of 10 or so. it’s long and unruly and i’ve thrown some red in it recently. and first thing, it’s mussed out in the most perfect rock star of ways. i effing love it.

so there. i like the way i look when i first wake up. self esteem for the win.