December 2 – Writing. What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?

The truth is, the primary thing that stops me is my day job. like most people, i must be out of the house by 8ish, i am not home til 6ish or later, and a lot of energy has been sucked out of me. that, however, can’t be eliminated. sometimes i try to get in some writing at work, but since my attention is divided, its not usually very valuable.

however, i do have a choice in setting aside distractions when i get home. i browse the internet, i watch things on hulu, i read, and, uh, i play angry birds. i have a whole system of media decompression/distraction for my evenings. tonight though, i’ve proven to myself that those aren’t necessary – i arrived home at 9 from a lovely evening out and after eating, focused myself on catching up on some of these prompts. and this is the fifth i’ve worked through. clearly, the concept of focus can elicit some results.

sometimes i feel a whole evening or weekend day stretch in front of me and, although i’m loathe to admit it, i suppose i procrastinate. “oh, i have so much time, i can definitely do that later…” – and that, to me, is a disgusting attitude. that, i can rid myself of.

so yes, i can eliminate my nightly distraction system, and my occasional procrastinations, and that would absolutely help me write more.