i went over to a friend’s house before st. patrick’s day and she was making these for her office – except she made them green, which was super adorable.  my mom told me she loved whoopie pie, so i decided to make them for her for her birthday.  and take them to the burger joint where she requested dinner.  my mom = awesome.

i found the recipe over at better homes and garden’s website, and coincidentally have probably printed off another 30 recipes from their site.  they have some awesome looking stuff, and some healthy subsidiaries as well.  here’s the recipe.

so the project began with the outside cookies – and i learned that food coloring is magical.

and then they got laid out onto parchment paper.  seriously, the cookies are fun enough to eat on their own…in case you get lazy and don’t want to make the filling.

and then it was filling time.  the filling is made of butter, cream cheese, and marshmallow fluff.  yes.  diabetes and heart disease ARE indeed coming my way.  i know, thanks.

but then…

i promise that they are absolutely delicious and a little sinful.  i had two full plates, so my mom got one, and my job got the other – they get a LOT of my creations as well, i live by myself, and a 13×9 pan of anything will make me really fat.  also the bouncer has annoyingly decided he’s dieting, so i can’t pawn them all off on him anymore.  (my response: “don’t you know i only know how to show my love with butter and sugar?”).

everyone, however, was a big fan 🙂