anyway, one post that’s been vaguely flitting about my head (most things only get as a far as vaguely flitting…) is being green. blah blah uncle al (the bouncer’s affectionate name for mr. gore), blah blah epa, blah blah global warming.

i’m not really saying blah blah, i think these things are very important. i’m just assuming you know all about them already. if you don’t, just know that in our zealous attempts to be the world’s superpower (and in everyone else’s too) we have sort of screwed mommy nature. if you don’t believe that, take a look at the insane weather changes we’ve experienced – the lessening of both summer and winter. it’s already july and has barely gotten above 80 in new york, and we do not have snowstorms like we used to, it practically rained all last winter. as i like to say, global warming is like capitalism for weather. ba-dum-ching, vaguely communist humor.

i am not the world’s most green individual. i don’t compost or even really plant things (although both of those things are slightly difficult without a yard, but who am i kidding, i’ve never been much for gardening anyway). there are, however, a few things i do that are pretty easy…so now let me show off.

1. keeping lights pretty much off. i try to be conscious of whose lights are on where – turning the stairway light off at the end of the night. i do need to get better about setting the sleep timer on my tv.

2. unplugging things that aren’t in use. one thing i didn’t know until fairly recently is that when an appliance is plugged in, even if it’s not theoretically being used, it’s still drawing a low current. i.e., your cell phone charger, when your phone’s not on it. your laptop’s a/c adaptor when your laptop is off.

2a. the bonus for unplugging goes to your toaster. my aunt taught me when i was down in florida that the current running into your toaster can start fires with little toasty pieces left on the bottom. so, save a little energy and possibly save your home and family from dying in a fire. it’s a win win.

3. not getting a bag with some food purchases. it’s a bagel wrapped in tin foil. i can stick it in my purse, not use a plastic bag, and use the stock of napkins i have in the office instead of adding more to it (they give way too many napkins out).

4. reusing what you can. i can’t even tell you how many things have more use left in them. i reuse file folders at work by whiting out the previous label. i reuse all sorts of containers and pouches and stuff at home. my family used to wash out the heavier duty ziploc bags to reuse them. i use glass snapple bottles (my boss kindly gives them to me) to drink my water at work. plastic bottles actually shouldn’t be reused many times as they give you cancer or something. glass seems safe to me. there are many ways to reuse what you’ve already got – think creatively. books are another monster – it’s actually quite dangerous for me not to use a library, both for my wallet and for the forests of the world. however, even if i don’t, i set up book exchanges with friends and coworkers, and try to sell my books online or in used bookstores, and also try to buy from them.

there’s lots of little things too – brushing your teeth in the shower while the conditioner is rinsing out of your hair, trying to take shorter showers in general (which gives you more time to work out on the wii fit…or maybe that’s just for me), turning off the water while you soap up dishes, setting the sleep timer on the tv if you fall asleep to it (something i’ve just recently gotten good at).

if anyone has any other ideas or suggestions, i’m more than open to them – i like feeling as though i’m as efficient as possible, and seriously, i’d like for my summers to be hot and sunny again, and for my winters to be cold and snowy.