i’m not at all new to this.
except i sort of am.

a long time ago in a galaxy land county far far away, i was fifteen going on sixteen.  and life is dramaful at that age.  it just is.  toss in my capacity for the crazy, and it was an interesting time.  a friend turned me on to xanga….here, i’ll give you a moment to judge and get it over with.  which is where i brought several other people i met on the internet, and we all kept up there for a very long while.  i went down south to nola to meet two of them in 2005, and they became my roommates in 2007.  i met the kid i can’t call anything but my best friend, even though we haven’t spoken in a long while, and visited him out in minnesota three or so times, and he came to jersey/ny a few times too.  we used to speak every day.

xanga was a different time.  i didn’t understand that i had a capacity for some sort of prose/poetry combination that many were impressed by – i developed it as far as i could, with that audience.  i talked about my life, and people listened.  it was extraordinarily strange to make friends that i never saw – but it still was the case.  we talked in chat and emailed and commented each other religiously.

eventually, i grew up, and it was not important anymore to chronicle my daily happenings for a select group of people.  i kept writing there as an outlet when needed – and i still check in on some people i “know”.  now, i can’t remember how i possibly found time and energy to write an entry every day.  perhaps it’s because they weren’t all that interesting – because how interesting can life really possibly be in high school?

now they’re called posts and people have domain names and link to their twitters (you’re welcome to follow me, most likely, i just didn’t want literally the whole world to have access to too many of my thoughts.  and i wanted to swear freely without fear that my mom would see it).  i don’t want to lay my entire life and soul bare for the world – i don’t need to do that anymore.  but i’ve missed communicating in this way.  this world is new though – don’t ask me how i’ve stumbled around to the blogs i have (although i do know various food blogs and SO@24 – now defunct – were key), but i know i found more than a few where i sat for hours and read the entire thing.  allll the way back.  people are interesting.  i joined 20sb and i’m figuring my way around there – i’m going through other people’s blogrolls – i’m commenting when i feel i should.

it’s a strange new perspective on a very old activity.
here’s to new efforts, i suppose.