it’s tuesday already.  which means i may want to start thinking about this week’s tmit.  why is this the first tradition i started participating in?  cause half naked thursday was a little too much for me and i’m not nearly creative enough for would you rather wednesday, although i bought the book once at a small shop on magazine street in nola and it entertained friends and i for years.  years.

perhaps tomorrow i’ll give you a stolen would you rather.  it’s terrible, be warned.  what’s more terrible is that i knew my answer without a second of hesitation when it was presented to me.


i found an apartment.  i realize that should be followed by exclamation points and boldness and capital letters.  and i am excited, don’t get me wrong.  it seems like it’ll be a good place, and i’m going to be really really on my own after seven years “on my own” – meaning, the kitchen and bathroom will be allllll mine.  it’s a cute little studio much closer to the city than i am now (thank you baby jesus) and i’m not far from an awesome area of queens with lots of character, restaurants, bars, lounges, shopping, etc.  nevertheless, it was something i knew i had to do, and i did it.  check.  one thing off the list.  i’m sure i’ll muster up some more excitement as it gets closer.  right now, it’s about surviving the glacier. world of warcraft helps.  don’t judge me.

i have not been in tiptop shape at work.  i let some things slip last friday and my boss (we’ll call him the producer) was nottt happy with me.  this came across in an email shortly after 8 am on monday, and you know that means business.  so, in the spirit of things (i suppose), i’m trying to step it up at work.  i’m allowed to wear whatever i want, but i’ll try to dress more professionally more often, for the sake of keeping me in the mood.  i’m going to try to focus.

in the larger scope, i had some major emotional episode saturday night and it’s a good thing for me to stay up and clear of blah-land – and i truly do enjoy being a productive individual, talented at what i do.  keeping above blah-land reduces the chance of episodes – and that is a good thing for everybody/thing connected to my life.  (the bouncer, the friend who’s birthday party i almost didn’t go to, my blackening lungs, etc.)

(aside: for the most part, i am an excellent girlfriend.  i bake things and make enough for him and his friends.  i pick up thai food because there is none near his house and he loves it.  i buy him new shirts when i’m at the outlet mall and know he needs them, and i search high and low for his almost impossible to find jeans size.  i got him pretty perfect christmas presents.  i’ll clean up when he’s not home and help him do anything within my capability.  i’ll take some time off to take him places he needs to be.  however, sometimes, i am a mental disaster, cannot for my life truly believe in the rational answer – even if i understand it intellectually – and he suffers the brunt of this with a decent amount of patience.  we try to consider it a fair trade.)

i also found out that when my office moves in may, i get an office.  like a real, bona fide, four walls and a door, office.  neat!

also odd:
i read my sopranos book (you know those coffee table books every show makes when it ends and no one ever reads them?  i’ve read mine cover to cover at least twice.) so they’ve been on my brain.  had a dream where all the dead people from the show were back in some wierd zombie form and you had to kill them all over again.  carmela tried to save some of them (christopher, specifically, and others) by sending them upstairs and not re-killing them.  after a little bit, they were all being called, in some fashion, back to where they came from, and the ones who we tried to “keep” were obviously suffering for not being able to react to the force pulling them.  there was one we tethered in the yard.  it was quite odd.

also: i do realize that most of the time, listening to other people’s dreams is WAY less interesting than the dreamer thinks it to be.